Phantoms Sweden was founded in February 2019 by Zuprani and created together with two awsome guys, Bobo & Skruven. We meet each other at a random game in Bergsjön, Gothenburg. Together we began to form the thoughts of starting a hobby airsoft team. Where we could together go out and play in different places and get away from the daily routines. The result of this was Phantoms Sweden.
The three of us were invited to a forest game in Laholm. Where we met a fantastic bunch of dudes who go by the name US Battlefield. As a beginner, it was very stressful to run around with a lot of equipment, and also the wrong type of clothes and not knowing what to do but at the same time very fun. We gathered a couple of old acquaintances of the past to bring them into the team. Over time, we just got more and with it began to create some rules to keep the team composed. Today in 2020 we are 15 people with some, who are under test to join our lovely family. We have members with great knowledge in the airsoft area, almost everyone of us are parents to small children and everyone is very nice to be around and hang out with.
We have managed to create a lot of contacts within the airsoft world and our reputation is growing. The team became a squad and was divided into three teams. team Alpha, Bravo & Charlie. Where each team leader will be responsible for their own team and tactical games, and also to have a good game collaboration with the other teams within the Phantoms squad, and other airsoft teams out there.

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