Game Rules

13th edition - Adopted 2020.04.28

§1 Weapons and magazines Sniper:

Semi-automatic weapon where the magazine is loaded with a maximum of 30 bullets.

Light Support:

Weapon with total weight with empty magazine of at least 5kg where the magazine is loaded with a maximum of 2500 bullets.

Heavy Support:

Weapon with total weight with empty magazine of at least 8.5kg used resting on a suitable support is allowed to have unlimited magazine.


Weapons where magazines are loaded with a maximum of 80 bullets.

§2 Recharging:

You have to recharge wherever you want except when waiting for a medic.

§3 In play:

Being in play means that you can take hits and that you are a valid target. You do not count as in play if you are postponed or waiting for respawn.

§4 Leave:

Leave the playing area If you voluntarily leave the playing area, you are counted as deferred and may only come into play again by going through respawn if that rule is in use.

§5 Hits:

Hits are all bullets that hit a player or player's clothes, weapons or equipment, except clear ricochets (see below).

Hit: When you have been hit, you should clearly mark this by loudly and clearly shouting "HIT" and at the same time extend your hand. A hit means that you are out of the game at the moment and the player must either leave the playing area completely, go to Respawn or lie down and wait for Medic with the least possible interruption. When you are hit and away from the playing area or to respawn, you should mark this with a colorful piece of fabric. The color must be clear / signal orange, otherwise not accepted.

Ricochet means a rebound bullet (A shot bullet ricochets only if it somehow turns in an incompatible path from which it is fired; bullets controlled by, for example, bush branches are not counted as ricochets, deliberate dropping of bullets is counted as ricochets.

Weapon results; hits on a player's weapon, makes this count as destroyed and can no longer be used. Weapons consisting of combinations of multiple weapons are "destroyed" together at weapon hit.

§6 Respawn:

Instead of getting off the track at a hit, you go to a predetermined "respawn point" and wait until the specified time when you are in play. It should be defined before the game at what times and how many times you can get out on the course.

§7 Medic:

Instead of getting off the field, the hit player lays down and shouts "medic!" (not "healthcare" as this is reserved for real injuries). If the player has been lying for 5 minutes without a Medic coming, the player must get off the track (or to the respawn point if the respawn rule is used). Medic heals a hit player by the laying on of hands (both hands on the shoulders. Anyone who is medicated should maintain a significantly lower profile than the medic and may in no way obscure the person who gives the medic) for two (2) minutes. In order to ensure a correct time for the healing, a cure may only be performed if the medic takes the time with a clock.

§8 Knife kill / silent kill:

The only time you get to touch an opponent is by knife kill. This is done by putting your hand on the opponent and quietly saying "Knife kill", the opponent may not shout hit, but instead is silently pushed out. You must not wait for medic if you have been taken out of play by "knife kill". You have to do knife kill on players who are waiting Medic.

§9 Radio:

When you are pushed out, you can only shout on the radio: "Medic!" and no other. Interception of the opponent's radio channels is not allowed.

§10 Balance sheet:

When dividing the pages, the balance is given priority. This means that teams (or equivalent) may expect to be split in cases where this is necessary for balance to be achieved. In such cases, you have the right to play with at least one teammate. The organizer, as the representative of the association, bears the responsibility to ensure that games are properly balanced.

§11 Camouflage:

The goal is that no player should be significantly less visible than a player in plain uniform. Contour-distorting camouflage is reserved for playing with manual repetitive weapons (bolt). The exception is the head camouflage above the ears, which is allowed for everyone.

§12 Sound leve:

(This rule has not yet entered into force, but will be published here for information.) Fired shots from all weapons except for manual repetitive weapons (bolt) must exceed a noise level of X dB. Manual repeater weapons will have a different boundary, where the goal is to allow all weapons without damping. These limits are still being investigated. The measurement shall be made in accordance with section §13.1 (VSAF's standard for sound level measurement).

§12.1 VSAF's standard for sound level measurement The measurement shall be made 20 meters from the shooter with an angle of at least 22.5 degrees (this corresponds to 8.3 meters laterally). The measuring equipment shall consist of the mobile phone app DecibelX.

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