Gentleman Rules

13th edition - Adopted 2020.04.28

Airsoft is a hobby based on honesty and "sportsmanship". This can never be summed up in a set of rules. Many times it requires being in the situation to be able to judge what is right and reasonable which requires a great deal of judgment.

Here are some good golden rules:

* If you see someone make a mistake, do not compensate for this by making a mistake yourself. If the opposing party's behavior affects the game's playability or your experience, talk to the organizer or board instead.

* When you are well in advance at short distances so you should be able to safely hit, shoot 1-2 shots, not a swarm.

If it is you who gets shot at close range with the shooter well in advance, take the hit even if the shooter missed. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary long ointments.

* If you stay in the immediate vicinity of the opponent after a fight for your group to be obliterated or you are under medication, and the opponent sees you and assumes you are dead, take the hit. The consequence of jumping up like the guy in the box is just that the opponent has to shoot everyone for safety.

* Avoid moving through the opponent's spawn if possible.

If any opponent has been forced to move through your own spawn while you are on the way to spawning, you can inform him of how long it is until you intend to respawna. If it is a matter of seconds before you respond, you should give the opponent at least a minute to act.

* Avoid sitting and snuggling on or very close to the opponent's spawn. One should give an exciting opponent the opportunity to enter the area and a certain opportunity to choose the terrain.

* If someone says he is sure he met you in a situation, take the hit. If a player overuse this, talk to scars or board.

Do not try to "take the hit" all the time. You can know better than your opponent, only say when you are sure that is the case. The weapons usually go worse and you shoot worse under pressure than you think.

* It is a bit more than sportsmanship, but take your hits! It can be difficult to get the winning shell to go around the concept of not giving yourself all the benefits you can, but no one thinks you are better because you are harder to meet than others in the same situation.

Even a little cheating in the long run causes people to notice that on average they hit you worse than others, which will give you a bad reputation that can be hard to shake off.

Take the hit immediately and clearly! If you delay or are unclear, the opponent is forced to continue to put energy into fighting you. This can cause the opponent to be shot unfairly, which in turn leads to irritation. Being known for being hard hit is almost as bad as being known for not being able to hit.

If a bullet turns on you or the equipment you are carrying, it is a hit, regardless of the bullet's speed, angle, hit equipment or whether you see the shooter.

* Have a nice tone against and with opponents. In games, the calls often need to be short and clear, but when the situation does not require it, put energy into being polite and pleasant.

* It is easy to think that you know someone well enough to have a more tough tone after a couple of games, but that is not necessarily the case. If you feel pissed at someone, you can ask someone else to bring it up with the person, or wait for you to calm yourself down.

* Realize that we are all human. Everyone makes mistakes. Someone gets angry, someone else gets so competitive that he stops feeling hits, a third makes the wrong decision. This is a game we all go into to have fun. Do your part to keep it for everyone. This includes managing any conflicts, giving yourself a positive outlet for things that annoy you.

* Come on time to be ready at the postponed game start! Keep in mind that you should also have time with a walk-through of 10-15 minutes.

* Arrive on time even if you know that others do not, otherwise you legitimize that you delay the start of the game, which means that someone starts coming even later.

* Even more important than arriving on time is to tell the organizer already at the start of the game if you will need to go earlier. If you are forced to cancel unexpectedly during the course of the game, you must inform the organizer.

The consequence of leaving games early without informing the organizer is more far-reaching than you think; You do not know if you need to be searched because something may have happened to you. It is not known that the scenario has become unbalanced and that the gaming experience has suffered. You also do not know if you have gathered all when the organizer blows games.

* Tell when you are no longer having fun and explain why for the current game's organizer, or if it's a more lingering feeling, board! There are certainly more like you and there is a lot you can do. Having fun is what it's all about!

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